Matching New Windows To Your Brickwork


Brick house exteriors are a classic look.


You need to find the right window style and colour to add to its aesthetic.


Find out how to boost your home's kerb appeal with matching new windows when you choose experienced FENSA Approved Installers. 

Matching new windows to your brickwork helps you craft a new sense of style for your home. If your home has a brick exterior, then it'll already have an elegant, classic feel. But, with the addition of new windows, you can sometimes compromise it. That's because some default options, including white and black frames, might not suit your brickwork as well as they should.

Brickwork is complex to work with, as the colours are never fixed. Not only are different bricks different shades sometimes, but those shades can change over time. If your house faces the sun in the mornings, for instance, that intense light can cause whitening. As a result, getting windows that match isn't an exact science.

When you get new windows from a FENSA Approved Installer, you'll know that whichever style you choose, you'll receive a FENSA certificate when the job is done, which is proof that the installation complies with Building Regulations. You'll get compliant windows that can match your brickwork if you choose. Make a smarter investment in your home by choosing a FENSA Approved Installer today!

Matching Colours to Your Brickwork

If your home has a brickwork exterior, matching colours to it is often relative. That's because different bricks come in different colours, meaning matching isn't as simple as finding the same colour. Sometimes, it's best to choose a contrasting colour for your windows that pops out from the brickwork around it.

In many cases, creams and beiges work well, offering a traditional look but contrasting with the brickwork. That way, the red bricks pop against the window, which feels like a natural part of your home straight away. And, if the brickwork fades over time, you won't feel it start to clash with your windows. As a contrasting colour, it won't ever feel out of place.

But, with some FENSA Approved Installers, you can get a colour matching service for your new windows, perfectly styling them to your brickwork. That way, your new windows blend in seamlessly and feel connected to the rest of your home more closely. Also, you can get a personalised design with handles in unique colours and finishes too!

Benefits of Matching New Windows to Your Brickwork

By choosing a matching style, you can make your home feel cohesive. Whereas standard black and white window frames look good on their own, they don't stand out as much with brick or stone surrounding them. Because of this, you can make your windows stand out, and you can draw attention to their sleek, elegant design.

With new windows, you can get slimline frames too. They can be fully weatherproof, meaning they won't lose their shape or strength. That means the windows can last for decades, and there's far less chance of fading and discolouration. The matching colours of your new windows will keep their shine, continuing to match your brickwork.

You can also feel the benefits with a contrasting colour. By creating contrast, you can help both the windows and the brickwork stand out in your home. Not only that, but you could opt to add woodgrain finishes when this option is available. If you have a classic home, then these designs combine the authentic look of old windows with new ones' performance!

Matching Windows to Your Brickwork with FENSA 

If this sounds like a good idea for your home, then discuss the options with your FENSA Approved Installer. When you use our installer search for Approved fitters near you, we'll help you to find the right individuals to get the job done. That way, matching new windows to your brickwork can be simple and straightforward.

And that's not the only way you can modify your new designs. You can choose from various window styles, handles in unique finishes, period detailing like Georgian bars and woodgrain finishes.

It's easy to find a FENSA Approved Installer. You can search through our site for local companies near you, and get in touch with them today. You can then get an offer for a bespoke window with ease. 

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