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Each FENSA Approved Installer, from large national brands to small local companies, is assessed regularly by us to ensure its compliance to building regulations is continually maintained. Find your nearest approved installer today to start your project!

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How can you be sure your window or door installer meets building regulations? Simple, ask if you’ll get a FENSA certificate. It’s all the proof you need.

Why you need a FENSA certificate

  • Confirms compliance with building regulations
  • Shows your installation’s energy efficient
  • Ensures it’s registered with the Local Council
  • Verifies your installer’s guarantee is insured
  • Essential when selling the property
FENSA Certificate

What's covered?

FENSA covers the replacement of external windows, doors, roof windows and roof lights in your home, against the relevant Building Regulations. Note that the property must be sited on its original footprint, and the use and size of rooms mustn’t be altered.

What’s not covered?

FENSA doesn’t cover the installation of windows and doors in new conservatories, porches, new builds, new extensions, repairs (where frame not included) and commercial properties.

Did you know?

Not all installers comply with building regulations, and not all of them will register your installation with the local council.

You’ll need to allow a few hundred pounds for this and make sure the installer agrees in their quote to rectify any non-compliance issues found by the building inspector.

Compliance and registration are required by law.

If there are problems with your installer and you can’t get them back, you may need to hire another to put things right.

It’s your responsibility to make sure installations are registered with the local council.

When you use a FENSA Approved Installer, they should always promise you a FENSA certificate when the job’s done.

If your installer doesn’t mention that you’re responsible and doesn’t offer a FENSA certificate or other building regulations compliance certificate, you’ll need to pay for an inspection by building control.

Need Advice?

We’re here to help ensure you always have a good experience with your window and door installers. Have a question? Take a look at our advice column, and if your answer’s not there get in touch with our team.

If something goes wrong...

1. Is your complaint about compliance to building regulations for an installation of replacement windows and/or doors in a habitable area of a domestic building?


2. Is the company that completed the installation of your replacement windows and/or doors a FENSA Approved Installer? You can check using the Find a FENSA Approved Installer search at the top of this page.


3. Is your complaint with regards to a new build, new extension, conservatory, outbuilding such as a garage or porch?


4. Is your complaint about your FENSA Approved Installer’s guarantee?


5. Are you looking for a refund or compensation?


We advise to write to your FENSA Approved Installer, notifying them of the matters you wish to be addressed and giving them a reasonable time period to respond. If you’ve done this and you are still not satisfied, we recommend contacting your local Trading Standards office. If you are unsure, you may briefly outline your matter in an email here. (Note: this does not constitute a submitted complaint.)

Unfortunately FENSA can only review matters related to installations completed by FENSA Approved Installers. If you have already written to your installer outlining the matters you wish to be addressed and are still not satisfied, we recommend contacting your local Trading Standards office.

If your installation was completed after 2014 you may have received an insurance backed guarantee (IBG) policy. This document, also known as a warranty insurance policy, is separate from the FENSA certificate and is issued by an insurance broker. It covers the installer’s written guarantee in the event that they cease to trade. If you’re not sure if you have a policy, first take a good look through all of your paperwork. If you can’t find a policy, we may be able to help you find insurance broker’s details – send us a message via the Contact Us page. Contact the insurance broker directly to find out if you are able to lodge a claim on your insurance policy. Installations completed in 2013 or earlier may not have an IBG policy as these were not mandatory until 2014. Another option is to check with your own home insurance policy. If you do not have an insurance policy in place, it is likely you will have to cover the cost of any remedial work. In such cases FENSA will be unable to assist as it does not issue guarantees.

FENSA does not cover new builds or new extensions. We recommend contacting your Local Authority Building Control.

FENSA only covers the replacement of windows and/or doors in the habitable and heated sections of your home. For all other structures, we recommend contacting your local Trading Standards office.

FENSA covers building regulation's compliance regarding the installation of the products. Any issues with the products themselves may be addressed under the guarantee given to you by the FENSA Approved Installer. If you are unable to locate your guarantee, we recommend contacting your installer directly.

Because the guarantee is issued by your installer and not by FENSA, your installer is responsible for addressing any matters covered by it. If your installer is not addressing matters according to the terms of its guarantee and you have exhausted the installer’s complaints process, we recommend contacting your local Trading Standards office.

FENSA is unable to assist with any financial issues. We advise either requesting your installer to direct you to their Alternative Dispute Resolution provider where your matter may be mediated, or contacting your local Trading Standards office.

Where there are issues regarding an installation’s compliance with building regulations, FENSA can only request remedial works by the FENSA Approved Installer that completed the installation. We cannot recommend alternative installers, however you can use the Find a FENSA Approved Installer search at the top of this page to find other FENSA Approved Installers in your area. Always check that any additional works carried out on your installation will not affect your guarantee before going ahead with them. Please note that FENSA will only be able to address matters surrounding the original installation, not the remedial works completed by another installer.

If you wish to submit a complaint about a FENSA Approved Installer and their compliance to building regulations please click here. We aim to reply within 5 working days. For our Terms & Conditions please click here Many thanks

If you wish to make a grievance against a FENSA Approved Installer, please follow the link to the form below.

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