Helping you win more work

It’s a fact: becoming a FENSA Approved Installer helps you win more work, without having to discount your prices.

Because by joining FENSA, you prove your professionalism and can reassure customers they’ll receive a FENSA certificate when the job’s done. Reassuring for them to know, and vital when selling their home.


Boosting your business for less than you think.

Joining FENSA costs less than you think, and saves you the time and hassle of registering your installations with the local council.


The FENSA certificate is better known than any other, and our marketing support will help boost your business success.

Guide to FENSA fees

In addition to a one-off Application Fee of £200 when joining, your ongoing FENSA fees will be determined by the number of jobs your company completes each year.

Jobsper year
  • Yearly Membership Fee*

  • Yearly Assessment Costs**

  • Plus

    £1.80 per job
Jobsper year
  • Yearly Membership Fee*

  • Yearly Assessment Costs**

  • Plus

    £1.80 per job
Jobsper year
  • Yearly Membership Fee*

  • Yearly Assessment Costs**

    £120 x 1% of jobs
  • Plus

    £1.80 per job

*Yearly Membership Fee in the year of joining FENSA is calculated on a pro rata basis.
**Yearly assessment costs based on 100% assessment pass rate.
All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Sample yearly FENSA fees

10 jobs a yearYou pay
Yearly Membership Fee*£132
Yearly Assessment Costs**£120
Notification Costs£18
Yearly total:£270
100 jobs a yearYou pay
Yearly Membership Fee*£132
Yearly Assessment Costs**£240
Notification Costs£180
Yearly total:£552
300 jobs a yearYou pay
Yearly Membership Fee*£132
Yearly Assessment Costs**£360
Notification Costs£540
Yearly total:£1032

For more information see the full FENSA Scheme Fees.

Backing your work with our famous certificate

The FENSA certificate confirms to your customers their window and door installations comply with building regulations (a legal requirement), are energy efficient, and registered with the local council. It also reassures them that your guarantee is insured.

The certificate is issued by us once your job’s complete. Only FENSA Approved Installers can promise the FENSA certificate to their customers.

What’s covered?

FENSA covers replacement of the following against the relevant Building Regulations, in residential properties cited on their original footprint, where the use or size of rooms has not been altered:

  • External Windows
  • External Doors
  • Roof Windows
  • Roof Lights

What’s not covered?

FENSA doesn't cover:

  • Conservatories
  • Porches
  • New builds
  • Extensions
  • Repairs (frame not included)
  • Commercial properties

What's involved when you join FENSA

Joining FENSA is straightforward, and you’ll be kept informed at every step so you know what to expect.

FENSA facts

  • FENSA certificates cover replacement windows and doors made out of many materials and not only uPVC.
  • A FENSA certificate is proof that an installation complies with building regulations. It is not a guarantee. 
  • The average FENSA Approved Installer doing 40 jobs a year would pay less than £450 in annual fees. This includes all assessments and job notifications.
  • FENSA has issued more than 13 million certificates since 2002. That’s more than half the number of dwellings in England and Wales.
  • Homeowners rate FENSA Approved Installers 4 out of 5 when asked about their overall experience.
  • FENSA is the largest competency scheme within the UK glazing sector and most homeowners want a FENSA Approved Installer to replace their windows or doors – this means being with FENSA wins you jobs!
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