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Why choose a FENSA Approved Installer?

Building Regulations compliance

FENSA Approved Installers can self-certify their work for compliance with Building Regs, saving you the cost and hassle of a Local Authority inspection.

That's because we assess their window and door installation work regularly to ensure it adheres to the relevant standards.

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We'll register your installation

Did you know when replacing windows or doors it's your responsibility to register the installation with your local council?

BUT... if you choose a FENSA Approved Installer we'll do this for you!

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Installer's guarantee protected

Replacement window and door installations registered with FENSA come with the extra protection of an insurance backed guarantee policy.

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You'll get a FENSA certificate

You can only get a FENSA certificate with a FENSA Approved Installer.

It’s proof your installation:

Complies with Building Regulations

Is registered with the local council

Is backed by guarantee insurance

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FENSA gives you all the proof you need

Replacement windows & doors must comply with Building Regs

Since April 2002, all replacement window and door installations in England and Wales need to comply with Building Regulations and be registered with the Local Council. This is to ensure your home is safe and energy efficient.

And you need evidence to prove it - like a FENSA certificate!

When it comes time to sell your property, surveyors will ask for proof of this compliance. There's an easy way to provide it - always use a FENSA Approved Installer.

When their work's complete you'll receive a FENSA certificate - all the proof you need.

What is covered by FENSA?

FENSA covers replacement of the following against the relevant Building Regulations, in residential properties cited on their original footprint, where the use or size of rooms has not been altered:

  • External Windows
  • External Doors*
  • Roof Windows
  • Roof Lights


*Only doors with >50% glass are required to be registered with FENSA, however doors with <50% glass can still receive a FENSA certificate - ask your installer.

The following do not fall within FENSA's remit:

  • New Conservatories
  • New porches or existing porches where there is no heating
  • New builds
  • New Extensions
  • Repairs (where frame not included)
  • Commercial properties
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