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Bespoke Finance for Home Improvements 


From windows, doors and replacements to building conservatories, FENSA Finance offers finance packages tailored to every homeowner. 


If you’re looking for a finance option for your window & door replacement, we can help.




Why Should I Use Finance For My Window & Door Replacements



FENSA Finance allows you to spread the cost of your home improvements with our bespoke finance packages created specifically for the glazing industry and available to FENSA Approved Installers. 



Home Improvements Finance in a nutshell

Home improvement loans are a great way to spread the cost of your planned home improvement project and allow you to split the amount down into more manageable monthly payments. They are unsecured (meaning your home is not at risk) and are available from £1000 to £25,000. Finance of this type is often used for glazing as it provides extra peace of mind and consumer protection under sections 56 & 75 of the financial conduct authority (FCA)

As with any type of finance there are certain criteria but if you are a UK based home-owner aged between 18-75 and with a regular income we should be able to help!

The key factor is that the finance is comfortable for you! Areas to look out for are how long is the loan for, what are the monthly repayments and how much in total will you be paying back. Finance should always be customer focused so when comparing check that you can make early payments, you can change the payment dates and that you are comfortable with the fine print

Improveasy are FENSA’s finance partners who will work directly with the FENSA community to provide homeowners with highly competitive loan rates and make it easier than ever to get their windows and doors upgraded. They are a specialist home improvement finance company who will help you understand the finance options available.




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A Guide To Buying Through Finance

When you’re purchasing goods through finance, what you’re essentially doing is borrowing money to pay for the goods you want to buy. For example, you may need to start some home improvements and you might not have the money needed to make it happen today. However, you could be able to get a loan to finance it.


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