Benefits of Privacy Glass


We all need privacy sometimes.


With obscured glazing for windows, you can keep your property safe from prying eyes.


Privacy glass is an ideal way to deter potential intruders by keeping your home, its valuables and its occupants hidden from view, but there are many other advantages too. 

Privacy glass could help you feel a little more secure inside your home. At the moment, you might have windows with standard glass that allow for lovely views of the outside world. However, the problem with standard glass is that it works both ways. People will be able to get views of your living space from outside, potentially seeing valuables you'd rather remain private.

As a result, that's where some privacy glass can help you keep prying eyes away. You can invest in glass that makes it harder to see into your home from outside, without compromising the views and light you get inside. You could get obscured, opaque or even decorative glass, and toughened glass adds bite to the design.

FENSA Approved Installers will be able to recommend the right privacy glass products for you and your home. If you're looking for a fitter to enhance your home, you don't have to spend days searching by yourself. You can find your nearest FENSA Approved Installer to carry out your installation and get your home improvement plans underway. 

Obscured Privacy Glass

The main kind of privacy glass for windows is obscured glass. Obscured glass has patterns with different levels of obfuscation, meaning the window becomes harder to see through. The less clear your window is, the less that people outside will be able to see of your home. However, you won't have to lose out on light when you choose obscured glass.

While glass with quite heavy obfuscation levels can block the view of the outside world, you'll still let just as much natural light into your living space. What you will prevent, though, is people trying to get a look inside your home. That way, it's less likely that a thief will target your home, as they won't be able to see any valuables that may be within easy reach, meaning you can have more peace of mind.

Obscured glass can look great, too. You can choose from a range of stylish designs and patterns to boost your home's kerb appeal. Not only that, but you can choose between frosted and etched designs, giving you more options for your privacy. Also, it'll be advanced double glazing as standard, meaning you'll get great sound insulation too.

Tempered Privacy Glass

Privacy glass can stop people from seeing into your home. However, you can also invest in glass that stops them from getting into it. While double glazing is strong and durable for your home, there are even more resilient options available. That's where tempered privacy glass comes in. Instead of the normal process, tempered glass goes through a high-pressure manufacturing system.

As a result, this glass can take up to four times more pressure without breaking, cracking or fracturing. That means things like random impacts won't cause any damage. This glass can also deal with extreme temperatures more effectively, thanks to its high-pressure manufacturing process. Most importantly, though, it's more resistant to intrusion attempts.

With tempered glass, you can also get obscured versions. That means you'll be able to combine added privacy with genuine protection for your living space. And, with the option of various patterns, it can look as you want it to. That way, you can control your home's style as well as its privacy with the right glass options. 

Opaque Privacy Glass

Sometimes, though, privacy glass isn't just something you could add for your home - it's something you should. In some situations, you need total privacy to make sure people can't see your personal possessions. That's where opaque privacy glass comes in, completely stopping people outside getting a look into your space.

Fully opaque glass completely shuts off the viewpoint inside the room. However, the downside is that it doesn't let natural light through. However, if privacy is your top priority, fully opaque glass is the right solution for you. You can also get tempered glass versions to add strength, especially if what's in the room needs protection at all costs.

Privacy Glass from FENSA Approved Installers

With privacy glass from a FENSA installer, you won't have to take a risk with your investment. That's because every installer we approve has installation work assessed regularly for compliance with building regulations. You can be sure that when you search for a trusted, local supplier with us, you'll get just that - a team you can trust to fit privacy glass in your home or commercial building.

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