FENSA Homeowner Safestyle FAQ's


What is the current situation with Safestyle?

As of today, Safestyle have announced they have gone into administration. 

Will I still receive my FENSA certificate?


Due to the announcement made by Safestyle on the 30th of October 2023, FENSA have suspended Safestyle as a FENSA Approved Installer.


Any work completed prior to that date and where a FENSA certificate has been registered your installation remains unaffected. You will still be issued with a FENSA certificate stating compliance to the building regulations and you will also be issued with an Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG). 


In the first instance, please contact safestylecustomers@interpathadvisory.com via email, and they will endeavour to provide you with an update. 


What if something goes wrong with my new windows or doors? 


As Safestyle have ceased to trade, for all repairs, please speak to the provider of your Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) policy that was issued with your FENSA certificate or your credit finance company if the goods were purchased on credit.


What is an IBG?

An IBG, is an insurance policy that provides cover for a guarantee in the event the company that issued the guarantee ceases to trade, meaning when it is legally brought to an end because it cannot pay its debts.


A guarantee insurance policy provides cover in the event that a company that has given a guarantee to a customer ceases to trade, meaning when it is legally brought to an end because it cannot pay its debts. If there is subsequently a problem with the installation that would otherwise have been resolved by the installer’s guarantee, a claim can be submitted to the IBG provider (assuming the homeowner in question has a policy).


Safestyle were due out to install my new windows. What can I do now?

Please contact your local Safestyle contact for more information on what will happen for your installation. If they are not able to provide you with an answer then please read on.


I have paid Safestyle to install my new windows. How do I get my money back? 

We would recommend that you speak directly with Safestyle to ascertain what the current situation is with regards orders that were in the process of being installed.

Should you not be able to contact them about your booking we would suggest you speak with the Citizens Advice Bureau to receive the latest consumer guidance.


If you have paid for some or all of the work to be completed using your credit card then you may be able to make a Section 75 claim via your credit provider.


What is Section 75? 

Section 75 is a UK consumer protection law which means your credit provider has the same responsibility as the company you’ve bought something from should anything go wrong with the purchase.


It’s a legal requirement of your lender so that a consumer is never in a position of having to pay off debt on a product they didn’t receive or the final product wasn’t as it should have been. This applies to all purchases made with a credit card or via a loan for anything between £100 and £30,000. If it’s bought with credit, the lender is as responsible as the supplier.


To make a Section 75 claim you’ll need to contact your credit provider. So if you bought the product on a credit card it will be the credit card company rather than Visa or Mastercard.


RISA carry out assessments of Section 75 claims when it come to the replacement of windows and doors in a domestic setting and you can download a template Section 75 claims letter to send to your credit provider via their website.


Where can FENSA help?


FENSA monitors the compliance of installations of its Approved Installers against the current building regulations. In instances such as this where a company has gone into administration or is no longer trading FENSA cannot assist you on any contractual matters or issues regarding payments or non installations. If you have already had your windows installed and have an issue with them, please see the question above about IBGs.


What if I still need new windows and doors?


You can request a quote from your local FENSA Approved Installer by clicking here. Your local FENSA installer will be able to provide you with a range of options and materials for your new windows and doors that best suit your home, budget and lifestyle.

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