FENSA Approved Installer Demand During The Pandemic


As people have been spending more time at home than ever over the past year and unable to spend money on a holiday the demand on the home improvement sector, and glazing in particular, has increased dramatically.


Homeowners have seen the benefits glazing can have on a property from a security, energy efficiency and aesthetic perspective. When this is combined alongside the ‘accidental savings’ homeowners have made over the past 18 months alongside a desire to improve their home working environment the appeal is there for all to see.


Subsequently, homeowners quite rightly have been asking FENSA Approved Installers across the country to quote and install their new windows and doors. Our community of installers have been incredibly busy over the past year as homeowners have chosen to improve the aesthetics and reduce the carbon footprint of their home.


The current high demand for a FENSA Approved Installer at the top of their game combined with the impact the pandemic has had on the global supply chain has created a unique situation.



Why Is There A Delay At The Minute?


Please do be aware that as the demand for home improvements has increased over the last 18 months as a result of the pandemic, the available supply of raw materials used to manufacture products throughout construction, glazing included, has gone the other way.


The scarcity of those raw materials has inevitably meant a delay in how quickly windows and doors can be produced and how soon installers are able to start work on your home. We would hope to see an end to this problem by the winter months but please do be aware of the current situation affecting the industry.




What Does This Mean For My Installation?


If you have already booked in your installation with a FENSA Approved Installer then you may be unaffected as your windows and doors will have been ordered already and a time booked in for the work to take place. However, in some instances unexpected product delays from manufacturers may mean your installation date has to be rearranged.


Lead times across the industry are longer than we are used to seeing, so if you are looking to have new windows and doors installed over the coming months we would recommend you speak to your FENSA Approved Installer soon to ensure the work can take place when you would want it to. They will be able to let you know what the current time frame is for your installation to take place. 


This means it’s an excellent time for your FENSA Approved Installer to quote you for the work you’re looking to have done on your home later in the year, or at the start of 2022, and you can discuss with them when the best time would be for the installation to take place. 


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