What To Ask Your Window Fitter


Got questions for your window fitter?


There are lots of important questions to ask to make sure you understand everything about your home improvement project. 


Read FENSA's guide and make sure you're asking your Approved Installer the right questions. 

So, your home improvement plans are underway! This can be an exciting and sometimes stressful time. There can be too much uncertainty in some cases, with so many questions you want to ask, and it’s not always clear if they are the right ones. 

If you’re about to meet with your FENSA Approved Installer, it might be handy to make a list of questions that you can ask. This ensures that you get all the information you need right away and you don’t miss anything that could be important either now or later on in the process. 

Are you yet to get started with your home improvement plans, or looking for another installer? You could get in touch with FENSA, using our search functionality to find the right installer. When you find an installer through FENSA, you’ll get a certificate of Building Regulations compliance when the job is done, and you will know that your installation has been carried out with energy efficient products. 

How much will my windows cost?

Price is important. For many people, it can be the deciding factor for which window fitter or company to choose. Try and ask early on in the process how much your new windows will cost to avoid any surprises later on - get a quote in writing if you can. While you may not want to be led entirely by price (so you don’t end up compromising on quality or customisation options available to you) you should have an amount in FENSA Approved Installer says. 

What examples of other work do you have?

You can get a good idea of how your finished project might look by checking out someone else’s. Ask to see any recent renovations to get some inspiration - and see if this work is the kind you would want for your home as well. This is also a great time to ask about any reviews. Recommendations from others can be a great way to find a FENSA Approved Installer, but if you don’t know anyone, you can rely on reviews and ratings online to see what other people thought of your potential fitters. 

What customisation options can I choose?  

There’s so much to consider when choosing new windows. You’ll want to make sure you have the right design for your home. To achieve this, ask your FENSA Approved Installer what customisation options are available. You can choose from different frame materials including uPVC, timber, aluminium or composite, plus other options including the type of glazing, patterned or privacy glass, and much more! 

How long will it take? 

We understand that you're keen to get your new windows in now and start reaping the benefits. Find out from your window fitter when they expect to be able to get the job done and anticipate any potential delays. This is particularly important if you have multiple improvements planned or if your new windows are part of a larger renovation project. 

Are they FENSA Approved?

Choosing a FENSA Approved Installer can make the whole process of home improvements much easier. If you don’t work with a window fitter who has a FENSA accreditation (or similar) they will not be able to self-certify when the job is done. This means you’ll have to contact your local authority to take care of this yourself. Working with FENSA means you can bypass this, and you will be reassured that you get a compliant installation, as evidenced by your FENSA certificate. 


Ask Yourself: Should you choose a FENSA Approved Installer

There are many reasons why working with a FENSA Approved Installer can benefit you.  You know that your installation will be completed using energy efficient products in accordance with Building Regulations. This means you won’t have to seek out local authorities yourself to get this registered, saving you time and money. 


When you work with a window fitter who is FENSA Approved, you will get a FENSA certificate when the job is done. This is all the proof you need that your installation has been carried out compliantly, and this document will be hugely important when you come to sell your home - and for your own peace of mind.

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