What Is A Composite Door


Composite Doors are soaring in popularity, but what exactly are they?


Composite doors combine the benefits of multiple materials for a strong and secure entrance to any home. They offer cutting edge performance alongside either modern or traditional aesthetics, uniquely designed for your home. 


The FENSA complete guide to composite doors will give you all the information you need. 

What is a composite door, and how can it enhance your home? A composite door is a design with a classic appearance but one that also features modern advancements. Composite doors usually have a solid timber core, but other materials such as uPVC, laminate or even GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic - also known as fibreglass) surround this. Because of this, the door is more durable, denser and robust.

A composite door combines these materials to form a great entrance for your home. Around the timber core, you'll get durable layers of uPVC and other fully weatherproof materials, protecting the wood within from wind and rain. As a result, your door will be able to perform for decades without wearing down, warping or fading, and the design will stay looking its best.

If you want a high-quality composite door, getting one from the right installer is the best way. For peace of mind, look for the FENSA logo when searching for a composite door installer near you. FENSA Approved Installers meet stringent tests and are compliant with regulations, making sure your new door is above board.

What is a Composite Door made of?

A composite door is made of several materials. At its core, composite doors have a sturdy timber section that gives the design its strength. Not only that, but wood is a natural insulator, meaning less cold air can pass through these doors.

With this in mind, composite doors have additional layers to protect the timber within. uPVC is the most common one, which is a highly versatile design that is weather-resistant. In poor weather conditions, uPVC profiles will retain their appearance for longer. This protects the timber underneath from cracking, warping and rotting over time.

Depending on the composite door you install, other materials could feature in the design as well. Lamination layers often add more strength and help to retain more of your home's natural heat, helping you save on bills. Alternatively, some composite doors have a GRP coating. GRP, or glass-reinforced plastic, is incredibly resilient.

What are the Benefits of a Composite Door?

What is a composite door good for if not for making a great first impression? After all, your front door is the first thing most people see of your home. By installing a composite door, you'll get an entrance that has an authentic timber appearance coupled with modern performance! You won't have to clean your doors regularly or repaint them, and they'll be sure to last for decades.

Another benefit of a composite door is that it can protect you from burglars and intruders. Most composite doors have multi-point locking mechanisms and durable handles, preventing burglars from finding an easy way in. And, with a solid timber core and other durable layers in the design, composite doors are often impact-resistant. Because of this, intruders will have no way through your entrance.

Finally, what a composite door is fantastic at is saving you money. With the durable structure of your door, cold air will struggle to enter your home, and warm air doesn't escape as easily, either. As a result, you can enjoy a warmer living space without relying on your central heating. Your composite door will be able to save you money on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint too!

Composite Doors from FENSA Approved Installers 

When you invest in a composite door for your home, your chosen installer is an important consideration. You want to make sure your door is installed correctly and compliantly, after all, to ensure you get optimal performance out of your investment.

So, what is a FENSA Approved Installer? When an installer of windows, doors and composite doors in particular is FENSA approved, we've reviewed their installation standards to ensure they are compliant with building regulations and wider law. Because of this, you can trust the FENSA logo to show you which companies will install your door to the correct standards. You’ll get a FENSA certificate as proof of this when the work is done too.

By finding a FENSA Approved Installer to fit your composite door, you can get peace of mind. Your installation will be carried out in line with building regulations, using energy efficient products. Make sure you search for a FENSA Approved Installer to fit your new composite door today!

FENSA Approved Installers for your Composite Door

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