Stamp Duty Holiday For Homeowners


The stamp duty holiday is coming to an end.


If you're planning to move house to make the most of this temporary pause on stamp duty tax, you'll want to prove that your windows and doors have been replaced in a compliant way. 


Keep your house moving process running smoothly and easily request your FENSA certificate online. 

Stamp duty land tax applies to all property purchases made in the UK. This can range from 2% to as much as 12% depending on the size of the property and your status as a first time buyer or not. As such, stamp duty can contribute a significant amount to the purchase of a new home and can be an obstacle for many people looking to move up, and especially get on, the property ladder. 

That’s why the UK government’s announcement to put in place a ‘stamp duty holiday’ in July 2020 was welcomed by so many. In a year when personal finances were put under more pressure than perhaps ever before (and certainly with increased uncertainty), this temporary absence of stamp duty afforded more possibilities to homeowners (and potential first-time buyers) and helped the property market to bounce back quickly after it had been forced to halt entirely. 

The stamp duty holiday was extended into 2021 and it was recently announced that this will end in June 2021 for properties up to a value of £500,000, tapering out until the end of September with a reduced threshold of £250,000. This will then return to the old level of £125,000 from October, allowing for a planned smooth transition - so the window for saving money on stamp duty is closing fast. If you want to move house without paying these additional fees, you should make sure you have the process in motion before the extended deadline. 

Selling Your Home? Think FENSA!

If you’re thinking about moving house or are already in the process, you may not be paying too much attention to your current windows and doors. You’re moving out, after all - you can think about home improvements when you’re settled into your new property. Right? 

Wrong! Now is precisely the time to consider the certifications you have for your home improvements. When you’re buying a new house, you will want to make sure that the windows and doors were installed correctly, in line with building regulations, and registered with your local authority. And so it’s only right that the people buying your home will want the same evidence. 

That’s where a FENSA certificate comes in. There is a lot of paperwork to complete when buying and selling a house, and one of the documents that your solicitor will request is evidence that your windows and doors are compliant with building regulations. You’ll want to know the same thing when buying your new home, so it’s understandable that your buyers will require this proof - and a FENSA certificate is all the proof you need. 

How To Get Your FENSA Certificate

We understand that it isn’t always easy to keep track of your documents, no matter how important they may be. If you have your FENSA certificate from a recent renovation safely stored in your home, that’s great - you’ll be able to prove compliance with building regulations for the work carried out. If not, you’ll need to request a new certificate to continue and complete the house buying process. 

Thankfully, requesting a FENSA certificate is quick and easy. You can do this online with our handy postcode search. Simply enter your postcode to find any FENSA certificates associated with your property. When you order this online, FENSA post it the next working day or you can receive it immediately by email. This means that you can continue buying or selling your house without any holdups, which is especially important now with the end of the stamp duty holiday fast approaching. 

Plan for the Future with FENSA

If you’re thinking about moving home soon, or if it is just a possibility in the distant future, you will want to prepare now to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. Choose a FENSA Approved Installer to carry out your window and door installation in line with building regulations and ensure that you will receive a FENSA certificate at the end of the process. 

As the end of the stamp duty holiday draws near, people are looking to complete the buying and selling process as quickly and easily as possible, avoiding any unwelcome bumps in the road during what is already a particularly stressful time. When the time comes to evidence the correct installation of your replacement windows and doors, it couldn’t be simpler than with FENSA.

If you had your windows and doors replaced by a FENSA Approved Installer, your certificate will be available to order from FENSA. Use our postcode search tool to find any certificates associated with your address and FENSA will send all the proof you need in the post the next working day. 

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