Recommending the Right Energy Efficient Window and Doors


Sometimes we all need some advice to point us in the right direction. 



Any and all homeowners can benefit from energy efficient home improvements. 



Here are some of the best reasons why a FENSA Approved Installer can offer energy efficient windows and doors to their customers. 

Energy efficient home improvements can help homeowners everywhere. And, by recommending the right ones as an installer, you can help your business too. Today, we're all looking to do our bit to help the planet and save energy. However, old windows and doors struggle with this. As a result, replacing windows and doors could be the answer for many homes.

As you provide recommendations to your customers, you’ll be able to show them why their windows and doors are underperforming and how modern replacements will save them money on their energy bills.

A FENSA certificate provides homeowners with proof that their installation meets Building Regulation standards and uses energy efficient products. By working with manufacturers that follow these standards in their designs, you can offer your customers the same assurance alongside the quality installation you provide.

Recommending Energy Efficient Windows

Many older homes don't have energy efficient windows. Instead, they have outdated designs with materials that don’t meet the standard of improvements seen in modern properties. All types of window can suffer over time, due to continued use and exposure to the elements. This affects not only their appearance but their performance as well, meaning they don't provide the same levels of energy efficiency as your customers would want. 

As a FENSA Approved Installer, you will recommend energy efficient windows to your customers. Double glazing provides twice the protection from cold air, and it can reduce glare too. Subsequently, replacing your customers’ windows means much better insulation, keeping their home warm throughout the year and helping them save money on their energy bills at the same time.

You'll also be able to offer a choice of materials for new windows. With uPVC, timber and aluminium options available, amongst many more, you will want to help homeowners understand which is right for them. The best option may depend on budget, performance or overall aesthetics of the property. With a FENSA certificate evidencing the use of energy efficient products, you can recommend and install the right windows for total peace of mind. 

Recommending Energy Efficient Doors 

Old doors can suffer similar problems to old windows. Installations that have been in place for many years may simply have suffered over time through continued use and exposure to harsh conditions. It's all too common to find that older doors are not as energy efficient as they once were, or that they could be if they were to feature modern materials. 

If a customer is finding that their home isn't as comfortable as it could be, there are several types of energy efficient doors you can recommend. For example, uPVC doors are weatherproof and scratch resistant, meaning the door will stay looking its best for longer with just minimal upkeep.

Composite doors are also a popular choice, combining the aesthetics of timber with the performance of uPVC. Because of this, the door is weatherproof, denser and has better insulation. That way, you can offer an authentic door with cutting-edge performance.

Recommending the Right Windows and Doors

Energy efficiency improvements aren’t the only benefit when it comes to replacing windows and doors in modern-day homes. They also come with noise reduction and aesthetic benefits

With double or triple glazing, a modern window has better heat and sound insulation compared to single glazing. That means you can reduce noise pollution, allowing you to relax. Not only that, but you can get windows with slimline frames that are just as strong, meaning you can let more natural light into your home and get superb views.

Modern, energy efficient doors are also highly secure products. They'll have the latest security hardware within, including multi-point locking mechanisms, shootbolts and anti-tamper locks. You'll be able to offer homeowners peace of mind along with greater energy efficiency.

Recommending Energy Efficient Windows and Doors with FENSA

If your customers aren't sure about upgrading to energy efficient windows and doors, or which options to choose from, there's one way to give them peace of mind. If your business offers FENSA-Approved products, you'll be able to give them the results they need.

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