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What are the most secure door locks? If you want a new entrance to please your customers, then making sure it comes with secure locks is crucial to keeping them safe from intruders. Front doors are the most likely target for any burglar. As a result, everyone wants to feel like their door will protect them when it matters most.

Many doors on the market today have secure door locks - you can order designs with traditional locks, multi-point locking systems, toughened glazing panels and robust handles to boot. However, some modern designs have smart secure door locks, such as those which lock automatically and others that you can control remotely via an app. You can even get scanners for fingerprints on some door locks and handles.

So, which secure door locks are the best for your business and for keeping your customers safe? This guide will explain how secure door locks can protect your clients when it matters most. As one of FENSA's Approved Installers, it's also important to get secure door locks that meet all the relevant building regulations for doors.

Traditional Secure Door Locks

Most doors you order will have secure door locks in the traditional sense. It'll have a standard lock that should be able to resist picking and snapping attempts, along with a robust handle that should be resistant to forced entry attempts. Additionally, the door will most likely feature a multi-point locking mechanism. Locks around the frame make it harder for intruders and burglars to break through.

However, those are only the secure door locks that come as standard in most designs. Not only that, but not every traditional door lock is as secure as each other. One way to check if the door you're ordering is secure is to see whether they achieve either PAS24:2016 or BS3621 standards. From there, you can make the responsible choice for your business.


Automatic Secure Door Locks

In recent years, secure door locks have become more automated. As a result, you can now invest in doors for your business with clever additional features to keep homeowners safe and intruders out. Some secure door locks are now automatic, meaning they can lock doors down via a sensor. If a sensor detects any unwanted movement nearby, then the door becomes even more secure.

Additionally, you can find some secure door locks that work via an app. Because of this, your customers can make sure their door is secure anywhere in the world. By offering doors with these additional secure door locks, you'll give your customers more choice in how they protect what matters to them.

Modern Secure Door Locks 

Additionally, some secure door locks require more than just a key to get through. For example, some locks have keypad entry, meaning they open through a digital combination. You can also find secure door locks that rely on biometric technology. As a result, you could offer your customers secure door locks that require their unique fingerprints to open.

Modern secure door locks such as these can also integrate with smartphone apps, meaning you allow your customers to manage their security on the go. And, like all other door locks, systems like these should be able to withstand the most advanced burglary techniques - so long as they are accredited.

Secure Door Locks for FENSA Approved Installers

As a FENSA Approved Installer, you will install doors that meet building regulations standards that have inherent failures or weaknesses and which could compromise a home’s security. It’s crucial that FENSA Approval Installers know how to install doors - and secure door locks - properly. 

If a homeowner wants to order secure door locks, they should meet all regulatory standards. FENSA Approved Installers will always offer secure door locks in their doors that are compliant with the law, Building Regulations and British Standards. So, for anyone looking for a secure door as part of your business, they should always look for secure door locks that meet all of these.

As a FENSA Approved Installer, customers can tell that you offer doors and security systems that are compliant. As a result, they'll work with you to avoid the dreaded cowboy, and you can offer them secure door locks that meet all relevant standards. Not only that, as a FENSA Approved Installer, homeowners can find you in minutes with our online search tool.

Installing Secure Door Locks

If you want to become a FENSA Approved Installer, you can start the process of becoming FENSA Approved today. When you do, why not speak to your customers about the range of secure door locks available?

Additionally, you can search through our website for more advice on secure door locks or on how FENSA Approved Installers keep customers safe and provide a FENSA certificate to evidence the job's completion.

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