Most Popular Window Styles


What are the most popular window styles?


There are many different options to choose from when it comes to new double glazing for your home. 


Find the best option for your property and get your new windows fitted by a FENSA Approved Installer. 

FENSA Approved Installers can fit the most popular window styles in the UK. By choosing the right windows for your home, you can enjoy stylish aesthetics to improve how your living space looks and feels. Modern windows, even those designed with traditional appearance in mind, can improve your home's insulation, upgrade your security and enhance your protection from bad weather.

Some of the most popular window styles are still some of the classics - for example, casement windows and sash windows are among the most sought after and have been for many years. And, for a more grandiose addition, both bow and bay windows are desirable choices. However, more modern options are becoming a regular sight on many streets across the country such as the tilt and turn window style, renowned for its practical and versatile functionality.

When you need an installer to fit your chosen window style, you should look for the FENSA logo. If the company or individual you're speaking to is a FENSA Approved Installer, you can be sure their window installations are compliant with building regulations, and you’ll get a coveted FENSA certificate as proof when the job is done.

Most Popular Window Styles UK

Casement Windows

Casement windows are among the most popular window styles in the UK because they have universal appeal. You'll get an ideal combination of slimline profiles and a full section of glass, meaning slim sightlines and more natural light for your home.

Casement windows are fully customisable. You can choose from a range of glazing options, hardware additions, accessories and colours to get the right fit for you. And, as an alternative, you could also invest in French casement windows, which have a broader opening for better ventilation.

Whether your home is modern, traditional or somewhere in between, the customisation options for casement windows are truly vast. Whether you’re looking to retain your existing appearance or take the chance to reinvent, this window style has the design and performance flexibility that many people are looking for. 

Sash Windows

Alternatively, you could choose the more traditional sash windows. Sash windows are one of the UK's most in-demand styles and they have been for many years, as they've stood the test of time. As the window sits flush within the frame, they feature an elegant design. And, with no protruding elements, they blend well with any home.

Furthermore, you can turn sash windows into a standout addition. You can invest in traditional features like Georgian and Astragal bars to create a period look or bold colours for a modern one. And, with sliding sash windows, you can get a smooth vertical opening!

While sash windows have stood the test of time, they have also seen many performance improvements since they were first introduced. Modern windows offer advanced levels of security and thermal efficiency, meaning you can enjoy the traditional aesthetics of your chosen window style alongside cutting edge performance. 

Tilt & Turn Windows

For a more modern window style, you could choose tilt and turn windows. These are increasingly chosen for all kinds of properties when it comes to both style and performance because of their flexibility. Tilt and turn windows can be opened in several ways, while the whole design stays locked to its central bar to keep your home secure.

As a result, you can tilt the windows inward for easy cleaning or outward to allow more fresh air and natural light into your home. You can also adjust the size and opening direction to install tilt and turn windows in smaller rooms that other windows don't fit in.

This window style lets you fill your home with fresh air due to its functional ventilation features. By opening tilt and turn windows at the top, you can let hot air escape quickly. Alternatively, by turning them at the side, you can let air flow through. Whichever you choose, you can stay in complete control of your living space. 

Bow & Bay Windows

Finally, bow and bay windows are one of the most desirable types of windows because of their elegance and size. Unlike most windows, these designs have multiple glass panels in an angled design. Bow windows have soft curves in the glass, whereas bay windows utilise more sharp angles.

However, both windows will extend a wall of your home outward to fit them, creating more space and allowing natural light to enter your home from more angles. Because of this, bow and bay windows could turn your living room into a front-row seat to nature, with stunning views of the outdoors.

Bow and bay windows allow your living area to look brighter and feel bigger as a result. These styles of windows will help to make your home more desirable, giving you plenty of natural light and space to enjoy, and increasing your home’s value when you look to move. 


FENSA Approved Installers Fit the Most Popular Window Styles

If you want to find the most popular window styles from the most reputable installers, then look for FENSA Approved Installers in your area today. You can make sure you get your chosen windows with peace of mind as part of a compliant service. 

You can use FENSA’s Find an Installer tool on our website to see which installers are closest to you who we have approved. Additionally, you can visit our advice section or other website pages to find out more information about home improvements and which styles you can choose for your home.

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