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Clydebuilt Home Improvements Ltd

Clydebuilt Home Improvements Limited


Who is Clydebuilt?


We are a home improvement company based in Glasgow. Our company offers our services across the entire central belt of Scotland. Clydebuilt was built upon the principles and values of the River Clyde shipbuilding industry. Since its beginning, we have demonstrated Scottish quality and craftsmanship.


We have invested in our state-of-the-art manufacturing system to make all our products. Customers can trust our products to be held to the highest standards before selling.


We built our business around a team of like-minded professionals. We provide quality products and exceptional service at competitive prices. As we are a FENSA-approved company, you can be assured that you are working with the best.


We pride ourselves in providing services that cause as little disruption as possible to your daily life. From start to finish, your home improvement project will be hassle-free. We want any home improvement project you choose to do with us to be as stress-free as possible. 


Our Products




  • Casement Windows

We design our casement windows We have worked to make thermally and energy-efficient durable windows that you will love. We offer various customisation options, from clip-on Georgian bars to decorative glass.


  • Flush Casement Windows

Our flush casement windows are ideal for any home built in a more traditional architectural style. We have designed them to have excellent thermal performance, which can help prevent energy inefficiencies. These windows also offer fantastic sound insulation to help with any noise pollution.


  • Reversible Windows

These unique windows offer fantastic airflow during the summer months. Their rotating functionality lets you clean them efficiently to keep them looking new for longer.


  • Sash Windows

Thanks to our innovative designs, you won't find our sash windows becoming difficult to operate any time soon. You can experience years of superb performance from these windows with little maintenance.


  • Tilt & Turn Windows

With years of tweaking, we have perfected our tilt and turn windows. They are easy to use and are an attractive addition to any home. Due to their unique opening and closing mechanisms, these windows are ideal for families with children. They allow you to open and ventilate your house without worrying about any little fingers getting trapped.





  • Composite Doors

Our composite doors are built to last, being made of materials that have been thoroughly tested. We can proudly say they are weather-resistant and don’t require much maintenance. Our composite doors are built to withstand forced entry attempts, so you can rest assured knowing these doors will keep you safe.


  • Patio Doors

Patio doors are an excellent addition to any home. They seamlessly connect your indoor space to the outdoors and provide plenty of natural light while opening up your space. We offer a wide range of customisation options with our patio doors so you can achieve the style you are looking for.


  • Bifold Doors

Bifolding doors are our modern option to open your home to the outside. We utilise panels that fold into themselves, creating a sleek way to optimise your space and receive maximum light and airflow in your home. Our bifolds can be personalised to match any aesthetic, so they make a fantastic addition to those wanting to modernise their home.


  • French Doors

Our French doors demonstrate sophistication and elegance in any home. Adding these timeless doors to your home creates a bright, airy atmosphere that seamlessly blends indoors and outdoors.



Living Spaces


  • Conservatories

Expand your home with our classy, cost effective conservatories. We can ensure that your new conservatory will be made with high-quality materials and stand long after installation. Increase your space to grow into and live more comfortably.


  • Garden Rooms

A garden room can add a lot of additional space to your home. Often people use garden rooms for office spaces, studios, lounge areas, etc. Our garden rooms offer high-quality insulation and are made with double-glazed windows and doors to boost thermal efficiency.


  • Orangeries

Orangeries are similar to conservatories, except they are made from brick rather than glass. You will also find that orangeries are built with flat roofs and glass lanterns. With the added bricks, you will discover orangeries have excellent thermal efficiency. Our orangeries can add significant value to your home. You can see up to 11% increases with the added elegant space.


  • Roof Lanterns

Roof lanterns add plenty of light to your home. They offer an airy feel and allow you to create feature points in your home, such as a dining table, kitchen counter, etc. Our roof lanterns offer excellent energy efficiency, as the glazing traps will maintain comfortable heat in your home.


  • Thermotec

Thermotec Roofing is a unique, patented, aluminium roof upgrade to your existing conservatory. This additional feature to your conservatory with drastically increase its energy efficiency. Our thermotec roofing can change the look of your conservatory without the stress and price tag of a whole new roof.


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