Installer Update - FAQs

Who can register?

Everyone associated with your business. This will be one of our main means of sharing all the good news and tips on Industry, technical, marketing, administrations etc the list goes on.

What do I need to register?

You only need your name, phone number and unique email address.

Why do I have to register when I have been using FENSA online for some time now?

We have built a great new business tool for you to use that provides greater security to yours and your customer’s information. This means each user will have their own unique log in details which is what you are registering for now.

What is the difference between the “Main Authorised User” and a “User”?

The Main Authorised User will be responsible for setting permissions for each user outside the default access. They will also be required to authorise new users and disable users as users leave the company. Users will be general users of the portal. If they would like greater access to the system, they will need to discuss this with their Main Authorised User.

What if I don’t register today?

You will still be able to register after the new portal is opened but it will take you more than the 2 minutes it takes to register.

Will I still have the same functions as what I have now?

Yes, plus more.The portal will continually be growing to bring enhancements and new features. Any feedback received from users is appreciated and will be considered.

How will the new system differ to what we are using now?

Without giving away secrets there will be functions that we know you want which will speed up your administration tasks. (not sorry for the cryptic answer). One thing we can tell you is that you can use the system on any handheld devices which means you can register installations on site if you want to.

I don’t do any administration work, do I still need to register?

Yes. This will be your portal to FENSA. You will have access to news, technical tips, industry updates, building regulations, marketing packs and tips and more.

Can we share log in details?

Simple answer is NO. The new portal is designed for greater security so every user should have their own unique log in details.

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