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What is a BFRC Energy Rating? 


British Fenestration Rating Council (also known as BFRC) is the primary UK authority that impartially rates and verifies your windows and doors, ensuring them to be up to scratch when it comes to energy efficiency. 


You will be able to recognise a BFRC rating on any windows or doors that have been verified, as you’ll be able to spot the iconic BFRC ‘rainbow’ label. Every window and door that has been rated by BFRC will show a ‘traffic light’ designed label that demonstrates the energy rating on an alphabetical scale.


Any windows and doors that are ‘A’ rated and higher are energy neutral products, so do make sure you are purchasing the right windows and doors for you. 


Why are BFRC Energy Ratings Important? 


The ‘rainbow’ labelled energy ratings give you the opportunity to compare different window and door products so you can choose the one that will be most appropriate for your home. 


BFRC understands that you deserve to see and feel that your purchase is improving the comfort of your home, and that not only is cost a factor when purchasing windows and doors, but also the performance of the product. 


The label will contain information about the performance of the windows and doors which will help you to define how effectively it will conserve heat and serve your home. The energy efficiency level will be calculated and certified by BFRC, which stands alone from any company that manufactures windows and doors or your FENSA Approved Installer. 


Why Should I Have BFRC Energy Rated Windows?


In the current climate and with the cost of living dramatically increasing, being energy efficient is more important than ever. Purchasing BFRC rated products such as windows or doors means you are contributing to reducing the impact of carbon emissions from your home, which will benefit not only you, but the planet. 


What Do I Recieve to Prove my BFRC Rated Windows and Doors? 


When you purchase a BFRC rated product, it will come with an exclusive BFRC Homeowner Certificate that shows the product ordered and its energy rating. The Homeowner Certificate aims to give you clarity and assurance about your window energy ratings and what exactly they mean.


You will also be able to find the date that the product was installed and then the name of the FENSA Approved Installer who installed it for you. 


FENSA Approved Installers and BFRC 


When your windows are installed by a FENSA Approved Installer, you are ensuring your windows and doors are compliant with building regulations. The FENSA certificate is given by FENSA Approved Installers once an installation has been completed.


It demonstrates that the windows and doors were fitted in compliance with Building Regulations and were installed using energy efficient products. 


BFRC energy rating labels are available to all FENSA Approved Installers, who can receive BFRC ratings free of charge when their supplier is BFRC registered and has the appropriate documentation. 


To purchase compliant and energy efficient windows verified by BFRC, be sure to contact a FENSA Approved Installer near you today! 


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