How Secure Is Your Back Door?


How secure is your back door?


If your back door might let intruders into your home from behind you, speak to a FENSA Approved Installer about fitting a new back door securely.


Read FENSA's guide to secure back doors and find a FENSA Approved Installer online today. 

How secure is your back door? Like many homeowners, this might not be something you think about very often. Back doors are often at the back of people's minds, but they can be at the front of the minds of potential burglars and intruders. It's because if your front door is secure and keeps them out, they know that the back door will probably be more vulnerable and an easier target to exploit.

So, how secure is your back door, and would it keep out an intruder if they tried to get into your home? Your back door should be as secure as your front door if you want to have peace of mind. What are the signs that your back door could be more secure, and how could you make it so? All of these questions are crucial if you want to protect what matters to you.

One way is to install a new secure back door or to make additions to your current one. You could fit a new door or improved locks, an advanced security system or even motion-activated lighting. However, if you want to install new windows or doors for your home, it's vital to look for a FENSA Approved Installer. If you do, you'll make sure that the installers working on your home are legally compliant and their doors meet regulatory standards.


Is Your Back Door Secure?

Your back door might seem secure, but many are not as physically tough or outfitted with the same high security hardware as some front doors. If it is more vulnerable, then it's important to identify and address any potential weaknesses before a burglar or intruder exploits them.

For a start, you should make sure that the materials inside your door are strong and secure. This may be affected by the material itself, as some are inherently stronger than others, or how the profile has been maintained or affected by the elements. You should check if your doors can resist forced entry attempts or other techniques like picking and snapping.

So, how secure is your back door if these issues arise? If there are obvious problems with your door, then potential burglars and intruders know how to spot them and, more importantly, how to target them.

Because of this, it's important to make sure your back door is secure by making improvements or even replacing the design. A FENSA Approved Installer will make sure your new door is compliant with the relevant regulations, too.


How Secure Is Your New Back Door Going to Be?

If your current back door is not secure, then getting a new one could protect your home where it matters. You can choose to invest in advanced locking systems and hardware options to complement a durable profile material to keep what you value safe. You could install a wide range of back doors to benefit your home. So, what are the options, and how secure is your back door with one of these designs?

One way to improve your back door is to install a new uPVC back door. uPVC back door designs are seen as affordable, making them a sound investment. Additionally, you should make sure that any back door you invest in comes with advanced locking systems.

You could also install back doors made from other materials. For example, composite back doors have a timber core, while aluminium back doors are made from durable precious metal. There are lots of options for you to choose from. And, by working with FENSA Approved Installers, you'll make sure your new door meets the important regulations.



Back Doors Fitted by FENSA Approved Installers?

The installation is a vital part of the process, so you want to make sure that your replacement doors are fitted correctly and compliantly. By searching for installers with the FENSA logo, you'll make sure your chosen installer is able to self-certify for compliance.

So, how secure is your back door? Or, more importantly, how secure could your back door be? With a FENSA Approved Installer, you can make sure your doors are registered with building regulations and will have a FENSA certificate for compliance. So, search for your nearest FENSA Approved Installer using our search tool today or browse our site to find out more homeowner advice.


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