Double Glazing Installer Reviews and Reputation


Reviews and reputation are vital for success.


With FENSA Approved Installers, homeowners know they will receive compliant service that makes use of energy-efficient products for total satisfaction.


Take a look at our advice on how to shine with the best reviews and reputation around, and understand why they are so important for installers.

How important are double glazing installer reviews and reputation? As an installer, we’re sure you understand the impact that all kinds of feedback can have on your business, whether newly established or continuing to grow. Getting your business noticed can be difficult, especially when there are so many double glazing installers out there. However, the best way to get your business to stand out from the pack is through great reviews and a similarly outstanding reputation.

To get those, you'll need to impress your customers and give them a service they'll love. That means offering comprehensive quotes with no hidden fees, the option to personalise their new windows and doors to their exact specifications, and quality designs from leading manufacturers. Then, the reviews and reputation should take care of themselves.

However, there's one thing that does even more to help your double glazing business. By becoming a FENSA Approved Installer, your customers can be safe in the knowledge their installation will be registered with the local council, your installation guarantee will be backed by warranty insurance, and most importantly they'll receive a FENSA certificate when their installation is complete - accepted as proof of Building Regulations compliance and essential when selling a home. While reviews and reputation will go a long way, the FENSA certificate could give you the edge in a competitive marketplace.

Double Glazing Installer Reviews

If people search for a double glazing company, the first place they might look is the reviews. Review sites like Google and Trustpilot are a great way to see which companies are right to work with. By putting your business on there, you'll also get a better idea of how customers feel about you. The only way to make sure you get good reviews, though, is to offer good service.

When you meet with customers, it's important not to use hard-selling tactics. Also, offering quotes with no hidden fees is a great way to get customers on your side. Another tip is to be ready to showcase examples of your work. If you can show them your quality installations in person, they'll be more likely to invest in their home with you.

Now more than ever, online reviews are vital for homeowners looking to start their next project. It’s not always possible to meet up with trusted friends and family members to discuss future plans and exchange recommendations. As such, people are increasingly looking online to get people’s opinions on potential installers before reaching out. 

Double Glazing Reputation

A tried and tested way to build up your reputation as a double glazing installer remains word of mouth. Once you carry out one great installation, they'll tell their friends and family where to go if they need one. As a result, the best way to build word of mouth is to focus on your local area. Wherever you are, you need to provide great windows and doors at competitive prices, installed with exceptional customer service.

Not only that, but you need to be responsive as installers. That means offering short waiting times and low travel costs, as you'll already be right on their doorstep. And, should they want a personalised service, you'll be able to give it to them. Source a range of designs from leading manufacturers to give them the option to customise their products to suit their homes!

Even with great word of mouth, there are other ways to elevate your reputation even higher. The best way to show that you're a trustworthy double glazing installer is to get accreditations. Accreditations and approval by leading bodies show that your products and installations meet high performance standards. When you become a FENSA Approved Installer, you will be able to give your customers the assurance that your work will abide by Building Regulations for total peace of mind. 

FENSA Approved Double Glazing Installers 

Approved Installers are able to stand out from the crowd and present the much-needed FENSA certificate at the completion of the project. Many homeowners will often search specifically for a FENSA installer near them. Approved Installers can therefore make sure their services accessible to more customers than ever. 

Homeowners will be able to see that you're a FENSA-Approved installer, helping them make their decision with more clarity. That way, being an Approved Installer helps your company's reviews and reputation take care of themselves.

Also, as a FENSA Approved Installer, you'll be part of our installer search tool. That means, when homeowners search for double glazing companies through us, they'll find you nearby so you can connect with more customers.

Reviews and Reputation Improve with FENSA

Become a FENSA Approved Installer today, and you will be able to present your customers with a FENSA certificate when the job is done. If homeowners are looking for new windows and doors that meet Building Regulations standards and use energy efficient products, they will know that they have made the right choice when choosing to work with you. 

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