Cost of Replacing Windows vs Benefits


There are many benefits to investing in new windows to weigh up against the initial cost.


It's important for installers to be able to explain the advantages of double glazed windows to homeowners so they can understand their investment. 


Read our guide for Approved Installers to explain the cost of replacing windows vs the benefits. 

The cost of replacing windows can give some homeowners pause. If they already have windows that look the part, then why replace them? However, if some homeowners choose to replace their windows, you could offer them a more advanced design that enhances their home and they can recover the initial cost of replacing windows over time.

So, how do you help your customers see the benefits of replacing their windows? One way is to say that they'll be making their home more efficient, saving money on their bills and decreasing their carbon footprint. Another is that they won't have to maintain or clean their windows regularly, and they'll last longer. And, finally, they should know that the installers replacing their windows are compliant and customers will receive a FENSA certificate when the job is done. 

Benefits of Replacing Windows

One way the cost of replacing windows can give homeowners pause is that they can't see why they should spend their hard-earned money. If their windows work, there's no need to replace them, right? However, many homeowners don't know that older windows could be losing up to 10% of their home's energy. As a result, their windows could be making them spend more on their central heating.

So, when homeowners see the cost of replacing windows, they can save money, making it much more attractive. You can offer thermally efficient designs that'll help them stay warm without relying on their heating. Because of this, they'll create a warmer home while saving money on energy bills. You'll help your customers make a better, long-term investment.

You can offer double and triple glazing for your customers, as well. By giving them this choice, they could make an even more worthwhile investment in the cost of replacing windows. You'll also find that, if your customers save, they'll also come to you for more ways to spend less money. As a result, you'll become a business your customers will trust.

Cost of Replacing Windows Over Time

Another reason the cost of replacing windows puts off homeowners is how long they last. Some people have older windows which might not last very long, meaning they may think all windows are the same. However, if their windows are beginning to look tired, you could suggest a replacement. Not only will they improve the performance and aesthetic of their home, but they'll do it for decades.

Most modern materials for windows are weatherproof, meaning their performance won’t diminish as quickly as older designs. Because of this, homeowners can enjoy their new windows for longer, and they won't need to maintain them as often. By telling your customers that they don't require any maintenance, the cost of replacing windows suddenly seems like a better investment.

New windows become more worthwhile over time. Some designs can last for upwards of 30 years, meaning your customers won't have to spend the cost of replacing windows for decades. So, when homeowners are sceptical about the cost of replacing windows, you can reassure them that they'll benefit more in the long run. Homeowners can enjoy more efficient windows for longer by replacing their old designs.

Installation Cost of Replacing Windows 

Finally, homeowners might not want to pay the cost of replacing windows because of their time to install. Your customers might think it'll take days to fit their new designs and replace their old ones. As a FENSA Approved Installer, you'll be able to reassure them that the cost of replacing windows is well placed with you.

With FENSA's approval, homeowners can see that your window installations meet building regulations and you'll also provide a compliant installation service. As a result, you'll be able to provide reassurance to customers, making the cost of replacing their windows even more worthwhile.

As a FENSA Approved Installer, customers will be able to find you more easily too. You'll be visible through our Find an Installer tool, meaning people will see you as the nearest fitter in your area. From there, you'll be the company people near you trust with the cost of replacing their windows. Become a FENSA Approved Installer today!

Replacing Windows as a FENSA Approved Installer

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