What Makes the Best Double Glazed Windows


What makes the best double glazed windows?


What does "the best" actually mean for you and your home? 


In this guide, FENSA will outline the top qualities to look for in new windows. 

We all want the best for our homes. We spend enough time there, after all, even if it’s not as much as we would like. With an increase in home working, and quality time spent indoors with our loved ones more valuable than ever, it’s never been more important to invest in the best double glazed windows. 

But what exactly are the “best” double glazed windows, and what does this mean in a realistic way for you and your home improvement project? The best of anything will most likely depend heavily on your own personal needs, wants and expectations. There’s no definitive best type of double glazing, as much as it would make it easier for homeowners if there were! 

One of the most popular reasons to invest in new windows that makes them one of the best choices is improved energy efficiency. If you want new windows that are energy efficient and installed in accordance with Building Regulations, find double glazing installers near you today. 

Best Double Glazed Window Styles

A top consideration for many homeowners when looking for new double glazed windows is to decide which style they are looking for. In many cases, people will look at their current windows and replace them like-for-like. This can make sense if you want to retain the look and feel of your home, or if the type of window makes this the best option - replacing an underperforming bay window with a new bay window, for example. 

However, sometimes the best double glazed windows are those that truly reinvent the look and feel of your home. New windows can really boost a property’s kerb appeal, helping it to stand out and grab the attention of neighbours and passers-by. 

There are lots of different double glazed window styles on the market, and you’ll want to talk to your installer about what the best one would be for you. From classic casement windows to functional tilt & turn, as well as the different frame materials like uPVC, timber, aluminium or steel, the possibilities are almost endless. While there’s clearly no outright answer for which is best since there are so many different options, talk to your FENSA Approved Installer about what are the best double glazed windows for you. 

Best Double Glazed Window Benefits

Understandably, lots of homeowners will look at new windows and ask what they can do for them. If you’re making an investment in the future of your home with new windows, you want to make sure that they will stand the test of time and serve you well. 

The best double glazed windows combine your chosen style as we’ve talked about previously with high-performance features that improve your home, without compromising on either aspect. The benefits of new windows are discussed at length in our homeowner advice section, so you can read up on lots more useful guides there. 

But the top benefits of double glazed windows that make them the best choice for your home include improved security and energy efficiency, reduced condensation and impressive sound insulation. It’s worth discussing what you want from your new windows with your chosen installer, so you can find out if your investment offers the levels you need and if these are the best choice for you. 

Keep Your Double Glazed Windows Looking Their Best

Once you’ve got your new windows installed, you’ll want to make sure they stay looking their best for as long as possible. Make sure to get the most out of your investment when it comes to both performance and style. That’s why it’s important to maintain your double glazed windows regularly. 

It’s worth getting advice from your FENSA Approved Installer about the specifics of your window and how best to look after it. Often, with modern windows, it can be as simple as wiping them down occasionally with a damp cloth and some mild, soapy water to maintain their pristine, like-new aesthetic. 

Get the Best Double Glazed Windows for You with FENSA

Find a double glazing installer near you with our postcode search. We’ll help you connect with FENSA Approved Installers to complete an energy efficient installation that is compliant with Building Regulations and who will provide you with a FENSA certificate as proof of a job well done. 

FENSA Approved Installers in your area can answer any questions you may have and will help you to understand which are the best double glazed windows for you. Find the right Approved Installers to offer the product range, customisation options and provide the advice and recommendations that you need for you and your home. 

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