Aluminium Front Doors vs Composite Doors


Aluminium front doors or composite doors?


Whether you'd like sleek aluminium or the classic look of composite doors, FENSA Approved Installers can help you install compliant designs.


Read FENSA's guide to aluminium front doors and composite doors and find a FENSA Approved Installer online today. 

Which is better - aluminium front doors or composite doors? Both options are some of the more modern entrance doors available on the market today. However, both aluminium front doors and composite doors have some differences that set them apart from each other, as well as the other options available on the market today. With different materials, designs and benefits, working out which is right for your home is subjective.

Aluminium front doors have aluminium in their design, whereas composite doors blend materials in theirs. Composite doors have a solid timber core which is protected by layers of materials such as uPVC or lamination. Because of this, composite doors can have a more traditional look, whereas aluminium front doors are more sleek and modern in their style. However, the design that is right for you will depend on exactly what you’re looking for personally and can be tailored to your needs, preferences and specifications.

Whether you'd like to get an aluminium front door or composite door installed, you should do it with the right company. To ensure a straightforward project with long-lasting results, getting the right installer is crucial. By looking for FENSA Approved Installers, you'll be able to find companies that are compliant with building regulations and able to self-certify when the job is done. As a result, you can invest in aluminium front doors and composite doors with peace of mind.


Aluminium Front Doors

Why are aluminium front doors a popular choice? Unlike composite doors, they have an aluminium frame that provides a sleek look and metallic sheen. Aluminium is a precious metal, which gives these doors tremendous inherent strength. It is also impact-resistant, making these doors incredibly secure when combined with leading security hardware such as multi-point locking mechanisms.

Aluminium front doors are also known to last for a long time. The material is so strong and durable with a fully weatherproof design, so they won't warp, fade, crack or twist in excess rain and strong wind. Aluminium front doors and composite doors will generally last for around the same length of time with regular maintenance and upkeep.

Composite Doors

So, why would you choose composite doors? Unlike aluminium front doors, which only use one material in their design, composite doors blend materials. Doors like these have a solid timber core, sometimes a foam one, and this core is often protected by materials like uPVC, lamination and even GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic). Because of this, these doors have a durable, layered design.

Composite doors offer a more authentic look than timber doors but are sometimes regarded as a longer-term investment. On their own, some wooden frames struggle in poor weather. However, the other materials in composite doors can protect the timber within the door, meaning these doors often don't require regular maintenance. It's why composite doors usually last for a similar length of time to aluminium front doors.

Composite front doors are popular for modern and traditional homes alike due to the customisation options that manufacturers are often able to provide. Aluminium front doors are generally more popular for modern homes than traditional ones, though that’s not to rule them out. The right choice will depend on your property and preferences, and on the look and feel that you’re going for.

No matter what aesthetic you want for your home, getting a compliant installer to fit your design is critical. It's why working with FENSA Approved Installers can help you make a sensible investment.

Approved Installers for Aluminium Front Doors and Composite Doors

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Double glazed windows are harder to break than single glazing. Their toughness gives you increased protection and peace of mind. The way that the units are sealed makes them far tougher physically. What’s more, when you’re replacing windows with new double glazed windows, you’ll most often benefit from advanced locking mechanisms to add another layer of protection to your home. Just ask your FENSA Approved Installer about the latest locks available to you. 

Approved Installers for Aluminium Front Doors and Composite Doors

If you want to install either aluminium front doors or composite doors, it can help to choose a FENSA Approved Installer. At FENSA, we hold the double glazing industry to account and ensure homeowners get energy efficient doors for their property that are registered and fitted in line with building regulations. Because of this, our certificate is all the proof you need.

When it comes to selling your house now or in the future, you will need a certificate of compliance such as a FENSA certificate. By looking for the FENSA logo with your door installer, you can get peace of mind quickly. Our Approved Installers scheme can give you more confidence than ever, whether you choose aluminium front doors or composite doors.

You can find a FENSA Approved Installer to fit aluminium front doors or composite doors today by using our Find an Installer tool. Simple and straightforward to use, this tool allows you to see which compliant companies are nearest to your home. You can also find more homeowner advice on our website!


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