Advantages of Double Glazed Windows


Double Glazed Windows bring many benefits.


From improved style and security to enhanced noise reduction and thermal efficiency, there are many reasons to invest in new windows. 


Read FENSA's guide to double glazed windows and find a FENSA Approved Installer online today. 

Double glazing gets talked about a lot. At least, it does by us. But then again, as the go-to site for homeowners who are looking for window and door replacements, that’s to be expected. 

Everybody talks about why double glazed windows are a good investment for your home, but is it clear exactly what they offer for this to be the case? This FENSA guide outlines some of the most popular and highly sought after benefits of double glazed windows and doors so you can decide if they are the right investment. 

When you feel like you understand the advantages well enough and are ready to choose new double glazed windows for your home, make sure you get in touch with FENSA Approved Installers to ensure a compliant and energy efficient installation that will give you total peace of mind - and the all-important FENSA certificate. Find a double glazing installer near you today. 

What Is Double Glazing?

Before we talk about what advantages double glazing offers, it’s important to understand exactly what it is as this helps to explain what it does. Put simply, double glazed windows feature two layers of glass with a layer of gas sealed in the gap between them. 

With twice the number of panes (and the extra layer between them), it stands to reason that double glazed windows provide twice the amount of insulation as single glazed windows. Once sealed, your replacement windows will be airtight and ready to provide you with improved performance all year round. 

Advantages of Double Glazed Windows: Thermal Insulation

As the colder months creep in each year, do you find yourself relying on your central heating more and more? If you want to save money on your energy bills, then investing in double glazed windows to replace your single glazing would be the most sensible solution. 

The airtight seal of double glazed windows provides many advantages. Heat will be unable to flow in and out, meaning it’s unable to escape once you’ve made your home warm and cosy. This means you won’t need to lean so heavily on your central heating, and you will find yourself reaching for the thermostat less often. 

Advantages of Double Glazed Windows: Highly Secure 

Double glazed windows are more secure than single glazed windows because they are twice as tough. With an additional pane of glass, that’s one more line of defence between your home and any unwanted intruders. 

Double glazed windows are harder to break than single glazing. Their toughness gives you increased protection and peace of mind. The way that the units are sealed makes them far tougher physically. What’s more, when you’re replacing windows with new double glazed windows, you’ll most often benefit from advanced locking mechanisms to add another layer of protection to your home. Just ask your FENSA Approved Installer about the latest locks available to you. 

Advantages of Double Glazed Windows: Reduce Condensation

Condensation is a common issue with windows in homes right across the country. This is caused as water vapour in the air builds up on surfaces that are at lower temperatures. A build-up of condensation results in unsightly water droplets forming on your glass, which can also cause damp and mould in your home. This not only looks unpleasant but can cause health problems too. 

Double glazed windows can reduce condensation due to the airtight seal between the panes. This prevents it from building up, so you won’t have to suffer from mould, how it looks and how it makes you feel. Condensation can often make a room feel colder too, so you’ll be cosier and more comfortable as another advantage of double glazed windows. 

Enjoy the Advantages of Double Glazed Windows with FENSA Approved Installers

If you’re sold on the advantages of double glazed windows, make sure you choose to get them installed by a fitter or company that is compliant with Building Regulations and will make use of energy efficient products. Use our installer search to find double glazing companies near you. FENSA Approved Installers will fit your new windows for you so you can start enjoying double glazed windows and reaping the benefits. 


From thermal efficiency, sound insulation, improved security, reduced condensation and renewed style, we could wax lyrical about the advantages of double glazed windows all day. Get some more homeowner advice or talk to a FENSA Approved Installer about the benefits for you and your home, and get your FENSA certificate from your chosen installer today. 

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