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When To Register An Installation With FENSA

One of the many questions our customer service team receive from newly approved FENSA Installers is should an installation be registered with FENSA. The below answers those questions and could help you to save some money at the same time.

How long do I have to register an installation with FENSA?

All jobs that fall under the FENSA remit should be registered with us on the FENSA Installer Portal within 21 days of the job being completed. FENSA monitors the frequency of installations registered outside of the 21 day requirement.

If you are registering a job outside of 21 days please ensure the work still complies to Building Regulations. To protect yourself, ask your customer if they have made any other home improvements around your installation that could compromise your work in the meantime.  

What should I consider before registering the job?

Before you register the job with FENSA, ask yourself if the work is complete and compliant? If you’ve answered yes to both and the job falls under FENSA’s remit then you should register the installation so your customer can receive their FENSA certificate.

What installations come under FENSA’s remit?

FENSA certifies the replacement of external windows, doors, roof windows and roof lights in domestic properties on its original footprint. FENSA’s remit ends if the room has been altered in size, use or you have made the aperture wider meaning alternative structural support is required.

When can’t you promise a FENSA certificate to your customer? 

If the work you’ve completed is on a conservatory, porch, new build or an extension we can’t issue a FENSA certificate. That’s also the case for work on repairs or on commercial properties. Please let your customer know prior to the installation to avoid disappointment.

A FENSA certificate will not be issued on any products installed in properties that are taller than 18 metres (usually 6-7 floors). This includes if your installation was in a flat on the ground floor of a building which is taller than 18 metres.

A FENSA certificate also cannot be issued for ‘supply only’ jobs or where your customer has purchased products for you to install unless you authorised the products before your customer purchased them.

Why is this so important to get right?

As part of your FENSA Approved status, we have to assess your work on an ongoing basis and if we visit a job that has been incorrectly registered with us then you get charged for the assessment that is outside our scope and doesn’t count towards your annual inspection quota.

In addition, telling a homeowner by mistake they’ll get a FENSA certificate after the work outside of our remit is completed can also often lead to complaints and an unsatisfied customer which can be both time consuming and expensive for you to resolve.


To help the FENSA community we’ve also created a helpful video here on how to register your work on the FENSA Installer Portal.

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