FENSA Recycling Scheme


 After its launch in the summer of 2021, the FENSA Recycling Scheme has gone from strength to strength. The free uPVC collection service was the first of its kind launched for a CP scheme and the FENSA community have taken full advantage of this exclusive benefit. The scheme continues to help the glazing industry become more self-sustaining and provide homeowners with greater assurance that their FENSA Approved Installer is doing all they can by recycling old window frames and diverting them from landfill.

CNC Partnership

FENSA Recycling, through its nationwide partnership with CNC Recycling, offers an extensive fleet of collection vehicles to all FENSA Approved Installers. The ability to recycle all of their old window frames to ensure this primary resource of raw material is captured and not lost to landfill or general plastic recycling is an exclusive member benefit. It means that once collected, the end-of-life PVCu windows, door frames and offcuts are re-processed, further liberating all of the metals to eventually produce a recycled compound pellet for re-use. Not to mention that PVCu windows can be re-used and repurposed up to ten times which can potentially give them a 150 year lifespan if done correctly. This only helps to further strengthen the sustainability of the fenestration industry. 


A recent survey commissioned by Deceuninck, revealed that more than two-thirds of UK homeowners would choose windows and doors with a higher recycled content and nearly 40% would actually pay more for them according to a YouGov.poll. There has never been a better time to get yourself involved in the FENSA Recycling Scheme, as 89% of homeowners cite energy efficiency, which was the other major factor in a product’s green credentials and acts as the main incentive to home improvement purchasing, which was only topped with 91% citing security. 

The most fascinating percentage however, is the 38% who said they would pay more for sustainable and recycled material windows, which is a higher figure than many would have estimated. PVCu still dominates the window market share with a staggering 85% of old windows being replaced with PVCu. As FENSA are the largest CP scheme in the glazing industry this gives all FENSA Approved Installers the opportunity to make a huge difference to the sustainability of the industry.


Supporting Community

The FENSA Recycling Scheme was launched to help the FENSA community make more sustainable choices in how they dispose of their windows when finishing a job. It is hugely encouraging to see so many FENSA Approved Installers partake in something that helps the environment and saves them money on skip hire at the same time. In doing so, each FENSA Approved Installer who signs up receives a certificate at the end of the year detailing the number of frames recycled, providing further evidence to homeowners of their green credentials and increased customer satisfaction.


For any FENSA Approved Installer who has yet to take advantage of the free scheme, you can request a collection or a call back to discuss your requirements further by completing this form.


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