Impartiality Committee Member (Volunteer)


We are currently seeking a Consumer Representative to join our Impartiality Committee.



This is an excellent opportunity for a consumer expert to contribute to the success and credibility of FENSA, while at the same time, enrich their professional and personal profile with experience and exposure from the leading competent person scheme in the fenestration industry.


The committee member shall bring specific expertise to ensure impartiality of FENSA and meet the person specification defined below.


The committee consists of a well-balanced representation of stakeholders with significant interest, and currently, a consumer representative is needed.




The Impartiality committee is responsible for ensuring and safeguarding the impartiality of the FENSA Certification Scheme(s) and FENSA’s commitment to maintain UKAS accreditation to BS EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012 and PAS 2035-2030-2019+A1-2022.


The responsibilities of the Committee Members are to: 


Fulfil the Terms of Reference of the Committee 

Fairly and accurately represent the views and opinions of the organisations and sectors they are representing. 

Ensure that any matters/actions arising from meetings which require consultation responses from the organisations /bodies they represent is fully undertaken and completed in a timely manner. 

Ensure that any actions arising from meetings is fully undertaken and completed in a timely manner. 

Attend meetings on a frequent basis, advise the Chair of any non-attendance and where necessary nominate an approved deputy empowered to vote on behalf of the member being represented. 

Bring to the attention of the Chair any conflicts of interest in any matters relating to the activities of the Committee.


Person Specification 


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