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Green Deal Guide

Please be advised that there has been changes to the PAS 2030 and the Green Deal Code of Practice.

The latest edition of the PAS 2030: 2014 Edition 1 is now available on the BSI website and the Green Deal Code of Practice Version 4 is now available to view on the Green Deal Oversight Body website

    • Green Deal is the Government’s leading environmental initiative allowing homeowners to finance the installation of energy efficient measures such as windows and doors - through the future savings on their energy bills.

      All Green Deal work is subject to the ‘Golden Rule’ which states that any additional charge on a homeowner’s energy bills to pay for the installation of the energy efficiency measures should be less than the expected savings through improved energy efficiency over the specified period.

      Who can become a Green Deal Certified Installer?

      Only companies who are certified by a Green Deal Certification Body (e.g. FENSA) against PAS 2030 to become a Green Deal Certified Installer can install Green Deal measures.

      Who can register with FENSA for Green Deal?

      • All FENSA registered businesses
      • Fenestration businesses registered with other glazing Competent Persons Schemes
      • Fenestration businesses not currently registered with any Certification Body

      Why be Green Deal Certified

      • New avenues to Markets
      • Scheme promoted by Government
      • Increased kudos for installation companies
      • Opportunity to develop business contacts

    • FENSA is a UKAS Green Deal Certification body which provides assessments for installation companies to become certified as a Green Deal Certified Installer.

      FENSA Green Deal Certification is for the installation of replacement energy efficient glazing and doors including replacement Insulating Glass Units (IGU) only.

      FENSA has developed an efficient route to Green Deal Certified Installer status. This has been achieved through partnership with its approved inspectors – the British Board of Agrément (BBA).

      FENSA has achieved accreditation by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) as a ‘Certification Body’ to BS EN 45011: 1998.

    • To become a Green Deal Certified Installer companies will need to pass a Green Deal Office Audit and an On-Site Inspection carried out by FENSA approved inspectors.

      On the subsequent pages of this guide we outline what that involves. However, the detailed requirements are outlined in a document called PAS 2030 Improving the Energy Efficiency of existing buildings:

      Specification for installation process, process management and service provision, which is issued by BSI and is currently available from their website: shop.bsigroup.com Please note it is a requirement for the installer to hold a current copy of PAS 2030 for their own information.

      Installation companies will also need to sign up to the Green Deal Code of Practice (GD COP) and have copies available for both staff and improver/bill payer. A copy of this document is available on the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body (GD ORB) web Site: gdorb.decc.gov.uk
      Green Deal Certified installers will most likely operate through a Green Deal Provider (GDP) as they do not usually have initial direct contact with the homeowner. The Green Deal contract is negotiated between the homeowner and the GDP.

      The GDP is the counter-signatory to the Green Deal Plan and responsible for both the provision of finance and arranging Green Deal energy efficiency (in this case windows and doors) works with homeowners. To become a subcontractor of a GDP, installation companies will need to make contact with GDPs directly a full list of certified GDP’s is available at the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body (GD ORB) website at www.greendealorb.co.uk

    • Here is a summary of how the Green Deal process works:

      • A Green Deal Assessor undertakes an assessment of the property and energy usage
      • The Green Deal Assessor provides a report which identifies the energy efficiency measures.
      • A Green Deal Provider will then offer a low interest loan for the installation of the measure
      • The Green Deal installer then installs the measure
      • The improver/bill payer then repays the loan through their utility bill.

      The Green Deal Certification Body (i.e. FENSA):

      • Once certified, will register the Green Deal installer with the Green Deal Oversight & Registration Body (GD ORB)
      • Conducts both ongoing and annual surveillance of the Green Deal Installer
      • Updates Green Deal Orb website of any changes in status of the Green Deal Installer

      The GDP

      • Pays the installer
      • Notifies the consumer's energy supplier.
      • Provides an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to the homeowner.

      The Energy Supplier
      • Updates homeowners’ records with the details of the Green Deal Package and adds a charge to their regular utility bill.


      If required, planning permission and consent from Building Control should be obtained by the homeowner before signing up to the package. Green Deal Installers who are also registered with a Competent Person scheme for the type of work being undertaken can notify their compliance with Building Regulations in the usual manner.

      Installers must keep the Green Deal Provider informed, particularly if there are any changes (e.g. homeowner changes specification or products). This is vital as the installer is contracted and paid by the GDP (not the homeowner).

  • 5. THE COSTS
    • First Year + VAT

      Initial Assessment inclusive of office and site

      Failure of initial inspection (major noncompliance with several points) resulting in reassessment

      Site failure reassessment cost

      Second Year Annual Registration

      Office Inspection and Site inspection

      Ongoing Site Surveillance Audit Inspections


      Ongoing Costs

      Individual Green Deal Inspections

      Office revisit following initial audit to clear minor non-conformance

      Site revisit following initial audit to clear non-conformance £175.00

      Note; Green Deal inspections also count towards Competent Person Scheme (CPS) quota.

      Ongoing Site Surveillance Audit Inspections

      Once Green Deal certification has been achieved the ongoing site surveillance audit inspection regime will be carried out on 1% of installations covered on Green Deal for compliance.

      Individual Registration cost

      The cost of notifying FENSA of installations i.e. registration on the FENSA Green Deal Data base is £1.50.

      All the above cost is subject to VAT at the current rate at time of application. Payment of these charges may vary in amount dependent on activity but all will be charged via a direct debit mandate.

      Your account will be debited monthly as authorised in your direct debit mandate. All costs will be taken from your current Direct Debit Account.

    • In the event “multiple measures’ are being carried out by other companies – i.e. liaison with the GDP is essential to ensure the correct sequencing of works.

      FENSA is able to offer Green Deal Certified Installer status that will allow the installation of the following: Replacement energy efficient glazing and doors including replacement Insulating Glass Units (IGU)

      Note: FENSA do not offer Green Deal certification for any other measures.

    • 1. Automatic registration with Green Deal Oversight & Registration Body (GD ORB) body..
      2. Ability to notify compliance with building regulations
      3. Green Deal inspections count towards Competent Persons Scheme (CPS) quota.
      4. Working with FENSA – the glazing Competent Person Scheme (CPS) market leader.
      5. FENSA operates a dedicated installer help line.

    • PROVIDING DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE (both office and on-site audits)

      During the office audit and on-site inspections the inspectors will be asking for information relating to the management of the installation process. Green Deal Installation companies must demonstrate the competence of their surveyors and operatives in accordance with PAS2030 Annex B3-measure BMF.3

    • FENSA will be looking at the following areas during the office audit:

      Named Staff Responsible for Managing Green Deal Work
      Please provide a list of staff and their responsibilities.

      Internal Feedback
      The company will need to provide documentary proof of feedback from installation operatives and surveyors on the installation process be it either positive or negative. Dated minutes or notes of such meetings will suffice.

      Internal Audit and Corrective Action
      The procedure for internal auditing of installation processes by the installer shall be established. Over a 12 month period each type of installation process shall be audited at least once.

      Installation documents and record keeping
      A record of installation processes should be kept for future reference. The company will need to demonstrate that all data held is retained for a minimum of 6 years. Note: Warranties may exceed this 6 year requirement and VAT documentation should be kept longer if required by accountancy rules.

      Management of Suppliers/Subcontractors
      An installer will need to demonstrate that the following are documented:-

      • Checklist of incoming materials against specification
      • Correct storage and handling of materials

      Equipment and Tools
      Equipment must be made available to the operative and the equipment required to carry out the installation process should be fit for the purpose.

      Management of Orders/Contracts
      An installer will need to demonstrate the following:

      • Installer must be GD Certified and have the capacity to complete the job.
      • Materials ordered are in line with the EEM /GDP requirement (including quantity, packaging, delivery).
      • Any amendments to orders/contracts are advised and agreed by the GDP.
      • Any changes in costs to those in the original specification are advised and agreed by the GDP.
      • Agreements of said changes are given in writing and are retained.
      • Improver/bill payer details.
      • Surveyors/Operative used on specific job.
      • Pre-installation survey and method statement.
      • GDP approved contract completion form (subject to the GDP requirements).

    • Green Deal Code of Practice
      (GD COP) A copy of the GD COP must be available and supplied to improver/bill payer when requested.The GD COP is freely available for download from http://gdorb.decc.gov.uk/
      PAS 2030
      Available from British Standards website http://shop.bsigroup.com
      Complaints Procedure:
      The Installer must have a documented Complaints procedure All Green Deal Installation/Installer complaints must be notified to the Green Deal Provider.

      Health & Safety Policy Document:
      A written copy of your company’s Health & Safety Policy document must be available. The only exception is if you have five or less employees. Public Liability Insurance: This must be for a min of £2m.

      Employee Liability Insurance:
      This must be for a min of £10m. Warranties & Guarantees All Installers applying for Green Deal Certification once certified must supply the Homeowner or the bill payer a Warranty and Guarantee which must be transferable.pections may increase.

    • Ancillary Works
      The Green Deal installer shall ensure all ancillary works are compliant with Building regulations and carried out by members of relevant Competent Persons Schemes (or equivalent).

      Preparation/Notice of Commencement of Work
      Green Deal installers are required to give adequate notice to improver/bill payer to allow preparation of the site by them, and assistance needs to be offered (and its cost clearly defined) for improver/bill payer requiring assistance with this preparation in liaison with the GDP.

    • The installation company must use the Green Deal Certification Mark and it must be displayed in accordance with the Green Deal Sub Sub Licence agreement. The Green Deal Branding Guidelines are available at


    • Subcontractors/Site Supervision

      Green Deal installers are required to demonstrate adequate site supervision of operatives and subcontractors.

      Green Deal installers must ensure subcontractors comply with GD COP and PAS 2030.

      Improver/Bill Payer Liaison

      Green Deal installers are required to train staff on good improver/bill payer liaison practices.

      Pre-Installation Survey

      This must include, amongst others, consideration of the presence of protected species or plants and safety alarms.
      Older / Protected Buildings, in conservation areas for example, should be captured on the pre installation survey.
      See below for further information.

      Conflicts of Interest

      Links with other companies working under Green Deal (eg material suppliers) must be notified to the Green Deal provider and the Green Deal installer must have a process for the avoidance conflicts of interest.


      Records are required, where applicable, that commissioning has been undertaken as per the manufacturer’s instructions and design specification.

    • Completion of Green Deal Installation Notification of the completion of the job must be provided to the Certification Body (e.g FENSA) WITHIN 7 DAYS.

    • Ongoing site monitoring inspections will normally be carried out as follows at a frequency of at least 1% of installations undertaken. (For Green Deal installers who are also registered with FENSA for CPS, this inspection regime will contribute to overall quota) In the event of failed inspections, the Green Deal installer will be responsible for the costs of re-inspections, and the frequency of surveillance inspections may increase.

    • Full audits are carried out annually of both the head office and at least one site by prior arrangement on the anniversary of certification.

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    to view the printable version of this Green Deal Guide.