Installer FAQ's

Installer FAQ's
What is FENSA?

How do I join?

Registration is open to all companies that replace windows, doors, roof windows and roof lights in England and Wales. Please click here to apply.

How do the inspections work?

FENSA applicants undergo an inspection before they can be certified with FENSA. Once certified, their work is continually inspected to ensure that the relevant Building Regulations are consistently maintained.

FENSA ID & Individual Compliance (MTC) Card

Once certified you will be eligible to apply for the FENSA Card.

How is FENSA funded?

FENSA obtains funds to supports its certification operations through a combination of membership fees and inspection fees. FENSA does not aim to accumulate or distribute any surpluses, but set its charges at levels appropriate to finance the continuing operation and expansion of its certification product, and to provide prudent reserves against contingencies.

Registered in England and Wales No 03058561