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My Best Windows

Based in Croydon, My Best Group is a trusted company providing a full range of high quality PVC, Aluminium and Timber services including glazing, windows, doors, composite doors, sliding doors, bi-folds, roof lanterns, conservatories and orangeries.

My Best Group

My Best Group is your one stop shop for homeowners in Croydon. We supply and install the highest quality double glazing, front entry doors and home improvement products, tailored bespoke to your exact requirements. Our friendly, customer serviced focused team has a wealth of experience to guide you through your journey, from consultation all the way to fitting and installation.

My Best Group covers a range of home improvement products through our various specialist sites which include: My Best Windows, My Best Bathrooms, My Best Aluminium, My Best Bifolds, My Best Doors, My Best Roof Lanterns, My Best Kitchens, My Best Integrated Blinds, My Best Bedrooms and My Best Shutters.

My Best Group, Double Glazing Specialists

Our My Best Windows site specialise in providing Croydon homeowners with only the highest quality double glazed windows, giving you some of the highest performance levels possible. Double and triple glazed uPVC windows are a substantial upgrade over single glazed windows and even outdated styles of double glazing. uPVC is an incredibly hard wearing and long lasting material, providing excellent resistance against the weather to keep your house comfortable and dry. With uPVC Windows, you’ll have home improvements that last for years, if not decades.

uPVC double glazing is also very low maintenance and easy to clean. With just an occasional wipe of a cloth a few times a year, your windows will stay sparkling clean and continue to provide an outstanding performance. They also come in a range of designs and styles, with multiple hardware configurations, so you can tailor your double glazed windows to fit perfectly with your home’s style.

Our range of double glazed windows has great thermal performance levels, helping keep your home a cosy and warm environment even in the worst of winter. This will help keep bills to a minimum too.

Double Glazed Front Entry and Patio Doors

My Best Group’s experts over at My Best Doors have a range of front entrance doors on offer, to transform your home’s front entryway. Using our high quality double glazing, these front entry doors provide excellent thermal performance, keeping the heat inside your house and the cold out. This could potentially save you money on heating costs throughout the year, keeping those utility bills at a manageable level.

Our entry doors also provide some of the best security levels to give you the peace of mind that you deserve inside your home. Composite doors are some of the strongest, sturdiest and most durable doors money can buy, offering total resistance to the elements and often stopping potential intruder's dead in their tracks. These front entrance doors also have a range of styles so that you can make your residential door a major feature of your home, rather than just an entryway.

Light and Bright Roof Lanterns

Roof lanterns are an excellent way of inviting more natural light into your Croydon home. Our experts at My Best Roof Lanterns provide the best quality in this area. Roof lanterns are a great alternative to electrically powered systems as they don’t cost anything to run. Roof lanterns flood your space with light, making them more inviting areas and making the space seem even larger than it actually is.

Our range of lantern roofs is perfect for extensions and conservatories as well. Their thermally broken system offers great heat retention, keeping your space cosy and warm in winter but also a comfortable temperature in the height of summer. This means you’ll be able to use the space all year round.

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Contact our friendly team at My Best Group to start your home improvement journey today. We’ll guide you every step of the way to ensure you get the highest quality service possible. Whether you’re upgrading your Croydon home to double glazed windows or seeking a new front entry door, you can trust My Best Group to give you the products and service that you deserve.

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