BFRC Launches Homeowner Energy Rating Certificates

Mar 21, 2014, 10:41 AM by FENSA

BFRC has responded to requests from its registered businesses to launch a homeowner’s window and door energy rating certificate. The certificate will be specific to the property and the products installed and will feature the installers name and date of installation as well as the well-known ‘rainbow’ colour label. It is the only such certificate available in the UK glazing sector.

If an installer uses BFRC energy ratings as the route to compliance for ADL (rather than U-values) then this Homeowner Certificate can be issued for the client. At the point of notification on the FENSA website installers will now be asked if they would like this BFRC Homeowner Certificate issued and dispatched with the FENSA certificate.

This new certificate will give homeowners proof of the level of energy efficiency their new windows and doors have achieved as verified by the premier, independent authority on window and door energy ratings. It can be kept by the homeowner and presented to an Energy Performance Certificate surveyor and any prospective purchasers when it comes to selling the property.

This certificate is a valuable new marketing tool for installers. Issuing of the certificate can be promoted by the installer to the homeowner as a value added benefit of using that company. It will also link the new windows and doors supplied with the installation company and could facilitate ‘word of mouth’ recommendation. It is issued at the same time as the FENSA certificate and can be supplied with no extra administration for the installer.

This new BFRC Homeowner Energy Rating Certificate will cost the installer just £1.50 (ex VAT). As it is not mandatory homeowners will also be able to purchase this certificate direct in the event that the installer does not provide it. In that case the cost will be £10 (ex VAT) and will be charged to the homeowner. Replacement certificates can be purchased in the event of loss.

“BFRC recently surveyed its registered businesses about a number of issues ranging from technical support to marketing,” commented BFRC Operations Director Chris Mayne, “80% requested a BFRC Homeowner Certificate that clearly sets out the energy rating of the products installed. We have quickly responded to that demand and launched this new certificate.”

The certificate will feature the energy efficiency label that recent research found was recognised by 82% of homeowners.

The BFRC Homeowner Certificate is just the first of several marketing support initiatives that will be launched by BFRC.

For further information, please contact: Lis Clarke, BFRC, tel: 0207 939 9120, email:

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