Rain is simply a pane

May 2, 2012, 08:13 AM by FENSA

Let’s be honest, once we got into spring, how many of us were looking forward to throwing open our windows and giving our homes a good airing? We also look forward to feeling the warmth and sunlight flooding in through our windows, doors and skylights. So it is a bit of a problem that for the last few weeks all my windows have seen is rain, rain…Oh and more rain…

How does glazing stand up against the rain?

So with all these weather extremes lately, what does that mean for our glazing? Well, if you’ve recently had new glazing installed (maybe double or triple glazing); you’ll probably have noticed a number of benefits that make you feel cosier and sheltered from the rain.

These include:

  • Noise pollution reduction

  • Increased heat retention

  • Reduced condensation

  • Reduced radiation of cold air

  • Fewer drafts

  • Cheaper energy bills

So if your windows have not stood up to the test of the rain and this horrid spring weather, you may be considering investing in some replacement windows.

We would recommend having your windows installed by a FENSA fitter so you know the installation will be certified to meet local building control standards, and that you will have the relevant documentation if it comes to selling your home. What’s more, getting your windows fitted over the spring / summer months ensures that when the winter returns (though has it actually left us yet?), your home will be far more efficient at keeping the heat in, keeping your home warmer and saving you money.

Have you recently had glazing installed, or are considering it over the summer? Let us know your experiences.

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