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Secure Payments


FENSA Secure Payments is an Escrow service that allows homeowners to pay your FENSA Approved Installer in advance for your window or door installation and place the funds with a trusted third party until your conditions have been met or the job has been completed. It means both homeowners and installers can transact with peace of mind knowing that they are protected.


Use FENSA Secure Payments



Where Is The Money Held?


Money is held in a protected, “safe-guarded” Barclays bank account. A safeguarded account doesn’t generate interest because even the bank can’t use your funds for investments, it’s that well-protected.


What is Escrow?


Escrow is a legal agreement that allows homeowners to pay in advance for a good or service and hold funds with a trusted third party, in a secure bank account, until conditions have been met or the job has been completed. Both parties can transact with peace of mind knowing that they are protected.


Homeowner Benefits

·         Keep funds in a safe place whilst you agree details and milestones and to ensure the job gets done as agreed

·         Know who you are transacting with online as everyone’s identity is verified.

·         Peace of mind! Who doesn’t want that? Feel protected by transacting using a secure payment method, because we verify every user.

·         You’re in control. Top up to add funds into the dedicated account, make partial payments or request money back if you’re unsatisfied.

·         Release partial payments from your account.

How The Process Works


The homeowner and installer agree on a price for the work

Secure Payment

The homeowner transfers the agreed amount into a secure escrow account. The installer receives confirmation of the payment.


The homeowner approves the payment based on the work being completed.

Quick transfer

The installer receives the money into their account in 15 seconds after approval.

Use FENSA Secure Payments

Why Use It?


Transactions are secure and prevent fraud

UK Bank

The funds are held in a secure account.


Quick, easy and accessible.

Approved Installers

Secure payments can be made to all FENSA Approved Installers

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What is FENSA?

FENSA is a government-authorised scheme that monitors building regulation compliance for replacement windows and doors. Every FENSA Approved Installer, from large national brands to small local companies, is assessed regularly by us to ensure its standards are continually maintained.

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